Cavity Collective


The Cavity Collective is the Imprint of Rising Star "KANDY" (Pronounced CANDY) and will feature all genres of music with a goal of artist discovery. KANDY has said, “I am looking to create something meaningful, something that can become a platform for young producers to have as a way to share their music.”

It will also serve as a way for artists to discover their sound and hone in on what will make them stand out from the crowd. Climbing his way through the ranks, KANDY noticed a serious lull in labels that are willing to take the risks on “smaller” acts, which he’s now seen as a major opportunity for himself. In addition KANDY added, “The Cavity Collective is meaningful to me because it is something I wish I had 2 years ago when I was navigating some smaller labels as a jump off point.”

Each release will be accompanied by a new Novocain Guest Mix by the featured artist, so be sure sure to check out the first of many episodes by the guy with the biggest sweet tooth of them all, KANDY.